USA Today recently published a 96-page NASA special edition titled ‘Back to The Moon: Why Are We Returning.’ Among other articles of interest, it covered 100 years of innovation at NASA Langley, NASA’s trending ambitions, and the new space race.

Bomas Machine Specialties, Inc. of Somerville, MA joined leading universities and some of the nation’s top providers of research and development products, services, and technologies to the space industry, with advertising support in the special tribute.


Proud to Participate in the Special Tribute to NASA

According to Bomas General Manager, Mark Annese, “We were proud to participate in this tribute to NASA because we are so proud of our relationship with engineers and materials engineers who lead the way in space innovation.”

Bomas provides precision machining of advanced ceramics and composite materials to space, military/defense, automotive, dental/medical, nuclear, solar/wind industries, and research universities.

Annese went on to say, “NASA has its mission, and we have ours. The Bomas mission is to honor our family legacy with an enduring commitment to exceptionalism.”

USA Today 'Back To The Moon, Why We Are Returning'

USA Today, Back To The Moon, Why We Are Returning