Entrusted with a proud legacy of exceptionalism, the Annese family and a staff of professional craftsmen continue to exceed the expectations of the most discerning materials engineers worldwide. It’s a sense of responsibility, both to the family name and to the needs of their trusting customers, that holds Bomas true to its enduring mission.

The Annese family found that enviable blend of personal attention and precision technology that gives them an appropriate place on the cutting edge of computer advancements; and at the forefront of individual service.

“Bomas takes its legacy very seriously and it shows in every communication we have with them and certainly with overall performance.”Lead Engineer, Northeast Nuclear Facility

63 years after its founding, Bomas remains the standard by which an industry of exacting measurements, measures excellence.

Quick 4-Minute Story for Materials Engineers


Theresa Annese,
Vice President
Joe Annese,



Mark Annese,
General Manager