Ceramic Industry Magazine

Recognition of the legacy of Bomas Machine Specialties, Inc. as seen in the January, 2017 Ceramic Industry Magazine’s Must See Products and Services eBlast that provides a glimpse at the latest products and innovations for the ceramics market.


Precision and Integrity. The Legacy Continues.

Bomas in the January 2017 in Ceramic IndustrySince its founding in 1959, material producers from across the globe have trusted Bomas for machining of advanced ceramics and composite materials for a variety of applications.

Why? Consistent precision machining; process to process, part to part.

The Annese family and their long time staff of professional craftsmen continue to exceed expectations.

Why? A responsibility to a 58-year family history that entrusts them with a legacy of personal attention and precision technology.

As pioneers in the use of Diamond Tooling and innovators of Conformal Grinding and Machining, Bomas helped shape the ceramics machining industry. Today, Bomas is the standard by which an industry of exacting measurements measures excellence.