Entrusted with a proud legacy of exceptionalism, the Annese family and a staff of professional craftsmen continue to exceed the expectations of the most discerning materials engineers worldwide. It’s a sense of responsibility, both to the family name and to the needs of their trusting customers, that holds Bomas true to its enduring mission.

The Annese family found that enviable blend of personal attention and precision technology that gives them an appropriate place on the cutting edge of computer advancements; and at the forefront of individual service.

“Bomas takes its legacy very seriously and it shows in every communication we have with them and certainly with overall performance.”
 – Lead Engineer, Northeast Nuclear Facility

65 years after its founding, Bomas remains the standard by which an industry of exacting measurements, measures excellence.

Quick 4-Minute Story for Materials Engineers


65 Years of the Bomas Legacy

Happy Anniversary to the Annese Family!


Born in Boston

The machining of ceramics industry was relatively young, and so was Pat Annese. The day Pat officially launched Bomas Machine Specialties, Inc., in Boston (BOmas MAchine Specialties), he just wanted to be a success. The ensuing years proved him to be a pioneer.


Joe Goes to Work

Joe Annese joins his father at Bomas.


Growth Came Quick

Needing more space, Pat and Joe moved the Bomas facility to Brighton, Massachusetts.


A Morning in June

Joe Annese graduates from college. He had been working at Bomas “since forever”, as he put it, so his future role in management was inevitable.


Growth Continues

It didn’t take long to outgrow the Brighton facility and the Annese’s purchased, and relocated to, a major plant in Somervile, Massachusetts.


A Special Day in May

Here comes the bride! Joe Annese and Theresa Lynn Whiley say, “We Do”!



Joe Annese named President of Bomas.



Theresa Annese named Vice President of Bomas.



Joe and Theresa’s son, Mark Annese, joins Bomas after graduating from college, and now they are three generations strong.



Mark Annese promoted to General Manager of Bomas.


Strike Up the Band

Bomas celebrates a major milestone by machining their two-millionth MOR Bar and confirming their leadership role in the industry; an achievement recognized by engineers across the country.



Joe and Theresa’s second son, Joe Jr., had already answered his first calling as a firefighter, rising through the ranks and becoming a lieutenant. In 2021, he joined Bomas part time, and the family legacy is more secure than ever.



With the future secure and the business still growing, the Annese’s took a big step, buying and moving into, a new larger facility in Woburn, Massachusetts.


2024 and Beyond

Here’s to Joe, Theresa, Mark, Joe Jr, and the next 65 years!

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Theresa Annese,
Vice President
Joe Annese,



Mark Annese,
General Manager