Bomas in the January 2017 Ceramic Industry Online

Recognition of the legacy of Bomas Machine Specialties, Inc. as seen in the January, 2017 Ceramic Industry Magazine’s Must See Products and Services eBlast that provides a glimpse at the latest products and innovations for the ceramics market.

Who ever dreamed this could happen in aerospace…

Aerospace applications are included in some of the cutting-edge technological developments that are made possible by advanced ceramics. For example in 2020 NASA is planning a mission to Mars which will include a device in which Advanced ceramics could prove
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The role of crack formation in Chevron-Notched four-point bend specimens

From NASA’s technical reports server on chevron-notched specimens The chevron notched four-point bend specimen provides a convenient method for measuring fracture resistance of very brittle materials which are difficult to precrack. Read the full memorandum