Mark Annese, General Manager at Bomas Machine Specialties

Mark Annese

“A family business brings many levels of satisfaction. The greatest, of course, is when new family members carry on the tradition.” Those are the words of Bomas Vice President, Theresa Annese, as the company announced the promotion of Mark Annese to General Manager.

Bomas was founded by Pat Annese in 1959. When his son, Joe, joined the company in 1979, the family legacy began to be written. Joe became President in 1993 and under his leadership, Bomas is now in its 58th year of service and is stronger than ever. Mark’s rise in the operation brings a new enthusiasm and level of commitment from the entire family.

“I’ve been around the shop all my life,” Mark explained. “It was a natural transition when I first began actual work at Bomas and now there is nothing I would rather do. The company has grown in many ways just since I’ve been here. In the past year, we purchased the entire facility where we are located, so Bomas is committed to future long term growth. It’s exciting, and I look forward to being part of what my grandfather and father have created.”

Bomas provides precision machining of advanced ceramic and composite materials to a worldwide marketplace. They are trusted suppliers for engineers in the aerospace, military and defense, automotive, medical and dental, solar and wind power, and nuclear industries.

The company has also emerged as a leading resource for research universities and laboratories. While they are specialists in MOR bars and chevron notch specimens, Bomas develops a process that conforms to the machining requirements of material in wear and strength applications for any industry.

Mark is a graduate of Suffolk University. His formal education, and his lifetime of experience in and around the Bomas family business, puts Bomas, and its clients, in good hands for a long time to come.

Mark Annese lives in Woburn, MA with his wife Emily and their 2 year old Bernese Mountain dog, Aiken.