Bomas’ success is in large part due to Repeatability. As highlighted in the March, 2017 Ceramic Industry Online Advanced Ceramics & Glasses Digest.

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… ability. Repeatability. Repeatability. Repeatabil …

For three generations, the Annese family of Bomas has helped shape the change that occurred in the machining of advanced ceramics.

Yet, as that industry evolved, Bomas’ success has in large part been due to an ability that has never changed: Repeatability. It’s finding the process that conforms to the machining requirements of a specific material, regardless of the material, and then providing exact machining consistency process-to-process, part-to-part. Bomas Repeatability.

Grinding, slotting, notching, drilling. Doesn’t matter. Prototype or production. Doesn’t matter. Bomas consistently meets the requirements of the world’s most demanding engineers.

Repeatability makes Bomas different.