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Chapter 1


                          How the Years Have Passed

                                                                     A DAY IN DECEMBER, 1959

                                                                         The machining of
                                                                     ceramics industry was
                                                                     relatively young and so

                                                                      was Pat Annese. That
                                                                      morning in December

                                                                        when he officially
                                                                       launched Bomas, he

                         A JUNE MORNING, 1979                          just wanted to be a
                                                                      success. The ensuing
                        Joe Annese graduated                         years proved him to be

                        from college. He had                                  a pioneer.
                       been working at Bomas

                        “since forever,” as he
                      put it, so his future role
                         in management was                               A SPECIAL DAY, 1983

                                inevitable.                               Here comes the

                                                                     bride! Joe Annese and
                                                                    Theresa Lynn Willey say

                                                                               “We Do.”

                                                  The Bomas Legacy               4
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