When engineers think MOR Bars and Chevron Notch Specimens, they think Bomas!

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Consistent higher strength value –
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And why Bomas has been one of only a few high quality producers in the world for over 50 years.

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Mojo: The moment when something gets done that is purposeful, powerful, and positive; and the rest of the world recognizes it. Now that’s a Bomas specialty!

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MOR Bars and Chevron Notch Specimens

“A recent job required precise chevron-notching of several bars made from different material. That seems simple enough but we had some unique concerns. Cost was an issue so we needed alternative approaches, but we were already behind schedule. Bomas was very helpful in not only discussing options but showing us samples for initial testing with no delay in overall scheduling.”Materials Engineer, Northeast Materials Manufacturer
MOR Bars, Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength of Advanced Ceramics

This photo illustrates MOR bars are broken for material strength. MOR = Modulus of Rupture. This is a Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength of Advanced Ceramics. This illustration shows a 4-point test. As you can see , there are 4 contact points on the bar. There is also a 3-point test.

Chevron Notch, Standard Test Method of Fracture Toughness of Advanced Ceramics

Machined per ASTM C 1421 standards. This photo illustrates the actual Chevron-Notch we machine into a bar. This is a Standard Test Method of Fracture Toughness of Advanced Ceramics. “CHEVRON” refers to the actual shape of the notch after machining.